Wings of Love necklace

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The Wings of Love necklace is inspired by a heartfelt design created by my 7-year-old son. 

He originally crafted one for himself and one for his 8-year-old friend who, in July of 2023, became an innocent bystander and a victim of gun violence in a rolling shoot-out on the freeway where we live. They each have half of the necklace, each with the other's name.

Now, many months after the shooting, after countless surgeries, physical therapy, impossibly hard work, travel, amazing resilience, and superhuman support from his loving family, this 8-year-old child is alive. He is paralyzed from the neck down, but has maintained his wild intelligence, amazing sense of humor, and has possibly the strongest spirit I have ever encountered.

Wings of Love honors friendships that transcend barriers and challenges, persisting and thriving despite any obstacles they may encounter. As my son describes it, “It's two sides of a heart. When they're apart, they each make a bird wing.” 

We chose the end of April, leading up to Mother's day, to release the Wings of Love as a plea from mothers, parents, and loved ones everywhere to recognize the terrible impact of guns in our country and to end the violence and grief they cause. A single bullet has ripple effects that extend far beyond the inner circle where it originated.

100% of the profits from every purchase of the Wings of Love necklace will go to the anti-gun violence organization Everytown. You will receive a donation receipt with your purchase. If you would like to donate or learn more about Everytown, please visit

Each purchase includes 2 hand carved and cast brass pendants on 20" brass curb chains. Keep one for yourself, and give one to someone you love.

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